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Get Organised: So the big day is approaching and you’ve loads to do! Instead of stressing out about your never ending to do lists… why not purchase some useful stationary to helpo you get organised! I recommend: 

  • 3 x ring binders for different categories of tasks (such as guests binder, catering binder, entertianments binder)
  • A pretty personalised notebook for your to do lists (I recommend for this!),
  • A new ballpoint pen
  • A large cup so you can fill in with tea/coffee whenever you sit down to organise things!

Hopefully this way you’ll get a little excited rather than stressed when you sit down to manage your event!

Do It Yourself: As you may well be aware at this stage, planning a wedding can be very expensive! An excellent way to cut your costs is through a little DIY! All you need is some enthusiasm, creativity and your friends to get started! Websites such as pinterest can be an excellent source of inspiration! Some of the things we recommend you make yourself are:

  • Wedding invites,
  • floral bouquets,
  • wedding favours,
  • floral head pieces,
  • wedding hall décor,
  • signage to help your guests find the location!

Be realistic with your time: When it comes to the last month of planning.. and it seems you have a to- do list longer than the planet earth… simply cut 3 tasks! Yes, just cut them away! Not crucial tasks… just things you simply don’t have the time to do, or over the top touches! Cross them off your list… and make a promise to yourself to never think of them ever again!

Include your family, friends, bridesmaids: Although it may at times seem easier to get your tasks done by yourself… don’t forget to ask for help from those around you! They will be more than willing to lend a helping hand, they’ll be proud as punch on the day when they have been involved in the planning… and remember…  a problem shared is a problem halved!

Have fun: Your wedding day is a very special time in your life! It’s easy to get caught up in the stress of organising the event… you’ve done all the hard work… so sit back, relax and just let it happen! Dance till your feet hurt, laugh, and have a good time with your family and friends!