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Would you like your wedding day to be that extra bit special and creative? Of course you would! A DIY wedding project is the perfect solution for you! Not sure how to get started? We’ve got plenty simple ideas to help you get started on a truly unique wedding! #letyourcreativityshine

Idea One: Pretty Wrist Corsages

Although old school, corsages are a classic favourite of ours! Why not replace the wedding bouquet with some delicate colourful flowers on your wrist? Not only will you have your hands free, they look incredibly pretty and they’re a great way of saving some money!

Idea Two: DIY Bridesmaid proposal boxes

Every girl needs their best friends with them on their special day, why not make the moment you ask them that bit more thoughtful with a proposal box? All you need is some felt, a needle and thread to embroider the felt, “Be my bridesmaid”, and a pretty box with a ribbon to wrap it all up!

Idea Three: DIY Balloon Name Cards

Not sure how to let your guests know where they are sitting? All you need for this simple idea is balloons (perhaps in 3 different colours), candles as paper weights, string, some pretty paper and a pen! Simply write the guests name on the piece of paper, tie it on to the balloon, and attach the balloon to a small candle so it doesn’t blow away! Not only will it be a fun way for guests to find out where they are sitting, your venue will look picture perfect as everyone carries their balloon to their seat, and of course voila you know have table décor also!

Idea Four: Floral Headbands

Not into tiaras, veils, and or diamonds? Why not choose your favourite flowers, and make a stunning floral headband? Natural and very noticeably unique! Not only will you look like amazing, you’ll save a fortune on head pieces from a jewellers! You could also make matching pieces for your bridesmaids and flower girl!

Idea Five: Rustic Wedding Signage:

The big day has finally arrived, but you’re worried your guests won’t find the location? Rather than sending out a link on google why not make some road signs and place them on the roadside for all your guests to find their way to the celebrations! All you need is some wood, some chalk paint and your creativity juices!

Hope you have a lot of fun getting stuck into your project! Wishing you a magical wedding day!