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This month, we met up with our chef Viktor Bosz and asked him a few questions about his favourite food and, of course, our new menu. We did a little Q&A just for you.

Background: Viktor Bosz is a chef here at Springfort Hall. He is Hungarian. He got married 6 years ago at Springfort Hall. He had his wedding venue here in Springfort Hall and he thought it would be a great place to work and a nice challenging job in the future. He is now a chef at the hotel for 2 and a half years and running the kitchen for 2 years. 

Your Favourite Dish: My favourite dish would be pan fried cod with sundried tomatoes and almond tortellini, mussels and cherry tomatoes. 

Favourite Dish on the new menu: My favourite dish on the new menu is grilled chop – It’s for the meat lovers. A unique piece of meat with a light garnish and summer vegetables and a fuity juz. We get our ingrediences as local as possible, as fresh as possible and as seasonal as possible.