10 Tips for Writing Your Best Man Speech

Tuesday, Jan 16, 2018

Posted by: Stephanie Lynch

10 Tips for Writing Your Best Man Speech

10 Tips for Writing Your Best Man Speech

  • Introduce yourself to the room at the start of your speech – include your name and how you know the groom and happy couple.

  • Try to keep the speech to 5- 10 minutes in length. Not too short but not too long that people will start zoning out!!

  • Have a good combination of humour and sincerity.

  • While the best man speech is mainly focused on the groom with stories from the past, it is also a time to welcome the bride and chat about the groom’s life since she walked in.

  • Compliment the bridal party… it’s a must!! Always compliment the bride and bridesmaids on how stunning they look. Also compliment the day and how all the organisation made it a perfect day.

  • Tell funny jokes but don’t put too much emphasis on them. Short and to the point! Not everyone will get inside jokes so keep them to a minimum. Tell a few old jokes about the groom but do remember to focus the speech around the couple.

  • Know your audience!! Yes, just make sure your speech is appropriate for the room. Remember it’s not a roast so keep it clean and remember there are parents and grandparents in the room.

  • Taking about the parents, don’t forget to mention the parents and how they raised two beautiful people.

  • Wish them well in the future together. Toast to the couple.

  • Write it down and practice, practice, practice.

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