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History of Springfort Hall Hotel & Wedding Venue Cork

In former times Springfort Hall Hotel Cork was known as Baltydaniel, Baltydaniel means the ‘Town of the House of O’ Donnell’. It is not known how it got this name. Springfort Hall got its name from a stream which flows south of the House. This stream rises in a spring in the old fort at Pencil Hill. Lewis, in 1029 mentions that triple X was mined in the Land of Baltydaniel (Springfort Hall).

The earliest known owner of Baltydaniel was Morris, Lord Roche. The Roches acquired vast amounts of land following the Norman invasion of 1169. It came into the possession of Sir Philip Perciville around 1630-40. Sir Philip also owned several other properties in North Cork including Burton Manor, Dromdowney Castle and Annagh Castle. He burnt Dromdowney during the rising of 1641 to prevent it falling into the hands of the Irish Rebels. He had vast estates in England and Ireland. His Irish estates amounted to 99,000 acres. He was a privy Councillor to Charles, Registrar of the Courts of Wards and held many other positions. During the Irish Rebellion of 1641 he lost several of his houses, castles and woods. His losses amounted to 60,000 pounds. He was appointed Commissary-General of the Army and attended the Treaty in Kilkenny in 1643. He was offered a peerage but refused it and fell out of favour with the King and his lands were confiscated. He died in 1647 at the age of 44.

The next owner of Baltydaniel was Colonel Clayton, son-in-law of Sir Philip.

The Foote family were owners from 1777 to 1854. It was purchased by an Englishman named Wyatt, in 1854 for 4,500 pounds, who sold it in 1858 to Captain Spencer Stewart for 7,000 pounds. In 1895 Commander H.T.F. White took Springfort Hall on a long lease, he was Hon. Secretary of the Duhallow Hunt (1892-1899). As Captain Stewart died without issue it passed to a relative, John Hanninon, who died in 1902.

In this century its owners included Mr Collins, now a famous horse trainer, Mrs Clarke, Colonel Scudamore, Mr Cooper and Mr Tony Dillard.

Springfort Hall Hotel Cork was purchased by The Walsh Family in 1982 who have successfully turned it into a friendly, comfortable, high class 4 star hotel and one of the finest wedding venues in Cork.