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We took a visit to Springfort Hall hotel recently and we got an insight into weddings at Springfort Hall with General Manager Paul Walsh. So we decided to do a short Q&A to ask him about his knowledge and favourite things about weddings.

Question One: What is the best part about getting married at Springfort Hall?

The old country house, the grounds, the family here that makes everyone feel welcome and at home. We try to never say no, anything you want we’ll try do!

Question Two: What is your favourite wedding meal at Springfort Hall?

Blackpudding and pork belly for starter, definitely our featherblade beef as mains (its one of our signature dishes), and for dessert we do a lovely taster plate!

Question Three: What is the best location for wedding photos at Springfort Hall?

The front door of the grande manor house always makes a lovely shot. You can also get a great group shot on the lawn, the photographer often stands on the window ledge to get everyone in – it looks fantastic! There are also a lot of crooks and crannys… its the ideal location for a wedding photo shoot!

Question Four: Have you had many weddings at Springfort Hall?

Yes indeed. Springfort Hall is a family run hotel open for the past 34 years. I myself started here 34 years ago doing the wash-up, I then progressed to become a chef, and now I am the General Manager. We usually host about 90 weddings per year. We’re always interested in the couples, we like to make friends with them! We pride ourselves in the fact that we never say no, we love to grant their wishes. It’s been working well for us so far.