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Is your wedding day around the corner? Looking for some creative ideas to make the day that extra bit special and creative? We have come up with 10 unique wedding DIY ideas just for you!

  1. DIY Floral Headbands – Not into tiaras, veils, and or diamonds? Why not choose your favourite flowers, and make a stunning floral headband? Natural and very unique! You could also make matching pieces for your bridesmaids and flower girl!
  2. Floral Table Numbers – Have you any jam jars lying around? Collect enough for each of your tables. Wash them out and take off any labels on it. Then glue a small strip of white lace around it. Fill with fresh flowers and pop a card resting on top of the flowers with the table number.
  3. Rustic Wedding Signage: The big day has finally arrived, but you’re worried your guests won’t find the location? Rather than sending out a link on google why not make some road signs and place them on the roadside for all your guests to find their way to the celebrations! All you need is some wood, some chalk paint and your creativity juices!
  4. DIY Cake Topper – Looking for something very special for the top of the cake. Why not take an old photo of the bride and groom and place on the top of the cake using a little photo holder. It will be a cake to remember.
  5. Blackboard DIY – There is so much you can do with a blackboard. Use them to write directions, your favourite quotes, welcome notes etc. You could even have one framed and write the names of all the wedding party on it.
  6. Ribbon Chairs – Wrap a row of colourful ribbons to the back of the chairs – Maybe the bride and groom’s chairs. It adds colour and something a little different. Add 10 pieces of ribbon in a row and tie to the top of the chair and let them hang to the ground.
  7. Lavender Chair Decor – To decorate the bride and groom’s chair, add some white tull fabric and let it gather in the center at the back. Then put fresh lavender in between and you have a simple but classic look to your decor.
  8. Rope Vases – Take a tin can and tear off the paper. Glue the outside and grab some rope. With the rope twirl it around the outside of the can starting from the bottom and working your way up. You will end up with a lovely rope vase at the top.
  9. Guest Book – Instead of a guest book, why not get an old suitcase and fill it with postcards. Get each guest to write you a postcard on your big day and leave it in the case. A case you will always have full of well wishes for your big day.
  10. Candle Displays – Why not be creative with your candles. Place them in vintage cups or old jam jars. Simple but beautiful.